How Cool Is This?!

So, my very own blog, how cool is this? I started 2018 out with a goal of starting a blog, so here I am getting started. I would love to tell you this is gonna be some swanky, expertly written lifestyle blog, but that’d just be wrong.  Think of it more as a Reality blog.  I plan to chronicle my adventures, life experiences and thoughts for the next year and see where it goes. This is my journey to living my most authentic life, as imperfect as it may be.  Shit’s about to get REAL.

I’m just your everyday generic 30’s something woman, mom and wife.  I’m a homemaker, I adore my husband, children and pets, although they all get on my last good nerve from time to time.  I’m excited about learning how to do this blogging thing.  I am admittedly, not the most tech-savvy, so this should definitely be an adventure.  I’m from the weird generation that grew up with computers, but like old, old, computers… I’m talking  dot matrix printer and floppy disks.  I may be really terrible at this at first but I’ll pick it up eventually.

I’ll be honest:  I’m totally an introvert, so this is way outside of my comfort zone, but you’re not really living until you’ve stepped out of that zone,  so cheers to personal growth and all that good stuff, right?  I’ll be sharing a lot of what I’ve found to help me as I’ve struggled through marriage, parenthood, anxiety, and my never-ending quest to be better today than I was yesterday.





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