Dirty Secrets of Procrastination

Why do we put things off?  We have pretty much all learned by now that procrastination really, really doesn’t solve our problems, but here you are surfing the internet, reading articles about it.  You’re probably procrastinating right now, huh?  You’re not alone.  The American Psychology Association reports that 80-95% of college students admit to procrastinating, while 26% of American workers have reported habitual procrastination, 4 times more than the 5% that fessed up to it in 1978.

So, How Do I Stop Procrastinating?

Easy.  Learn why you’re procrastinating and teach yourself to stop it in it’s tracks.  Here are some of the best #LifeHacks for overcoming your procrastination.

Automate Everything

Our lives has gotten considerably easier lately with apps and gadgets galore to make even turning on a light switch a thing of the past.  This can be as simple as setting the coffee maker, using a Roomba, or setting up your amazon prime pantry to ship you toilet paper on a regular basis, so you don’t find out too late that you’re completely out (not that I would know anything about that, that is totally not the entire reason I now receive a shipment once a month.)

Don’t Even Think About it

When I see a sink full of dishes piled high, I just know it’s gonna take forever to get them done, so I don’t start.  I’ve actually timed myself and in all honesty it doesn’t matter how high my sink is piled, everything can usually be washed in under 10 minutes.  See the thing is that we build up these small everyday tasks, and convince ourselves that we don’t have time to do it, when really starting a load of laundry takes 2 minutes.  If it can’t be done in less than 15 minutes, split it up by taking a 5 minute break every 15 minutes.  Seems a lot easier when you know you’re not going to have to stand there cleaning the kitchen for an hour straight.

Know Yourself

Block out your schedule for the most important work during the time of the day you’re most active.  Since I’m way more focused and energetic a few hours after I’ve been up, I avoid scheduling anything important or that needs much concentration until mid-morning.  If you know you’re exhausted by 4 PM, don’t tell yourself you’ll hit the gym after work.  Be realistic and use your peak hours for your most important tasks.

Put Yourself on Autopilot

Streamline your routines so that the dull, boring stuff is automatically taken care of as you go along.  For example, I avoid dedicating an entire day to scrubbing toilets by wiping down my bathroom and toilet every morning while I’m getting ready.  It takes me less than a minute to swish the brush around the toilet and run a rag over the sink when I’m done.  I keep everything I will need handy, and my bathroom looks AMAZING and company ready.  Use this trick to couple your most dreaded or mundane tasks with things you actually will do like eat, sleep, or maybe shower?

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