Top 5 Must Haves for New Moms

Oh snap! Maybe you planned it, maybe it’s a surprise but you peed on the stick and two pink lines later (that’s not a thing anymore is it? Fck I’m getting old) you’re going to be a mom! Congratulations!!

Once you wrap you head around the fact that you’re literally growing a human life, and you’re going to be responsible for said tiny human, you realize that babies need stuff. Like a lot of stuff.

Before you run out to Babies R Us and start a registry a mile long, check out the 5 Must Haves for New Moms, and some advice I wish I had heard.

  1. Diapers— You could buy a pack of diapers every single week of your pregnancy and still need more! It’s insane the number of diapers you’re about to change! If you buy from a major retailer like Walmart you can exchange any unopened packs if they’re the wrong size or you need a different brand. Stock up early, I bought a pack every week during ALL of my pregnancies and I’m telling you they were gone in no time, every time. Even if you decide to use an alternative to disposable diapers you are going to need to stock up. Also stock up on detergent if you go this route.
  2. A Swaddling Blanket— There are many kinds available on the market but all the best ones come with some form of Velcro to hold it together. Sure they’ll show you how to wrap a regular blanket at the hospital, but they don’t stay because mini humans are surprisingly strong!! Your new ninja baby will bust out of that wimpy blanket like Chuck Norris through…well anything. Get the Velcro kind.
  3. Baby Carrier/Sling— The options here are endless, so check out this amazing review of baby carriers from Mom Loves Best to help narrow down your search. When you are exhausted (omg you will be soooo tired) and cranky and just about sit down and cry with your new bundle of toxic waste joy, and just before you hit your knees you realize the baby fell asleep, in the carrier and now if you can just sleep standing, somehow? Also helpful if you want to do anything other than hold your progeny. Ever.
  4. Pads, Breast Pads, Creature Comforts— Ok, this isn’t technically for your little people nugget, but you’re going to need these things. And now that running to the store is a mega hassle with junior in tow, you will thank me for reminding you to stock up on nipple cream, Tucks pads, feminine pads, go ahead and grab some dry shampoo- you’re probably not going to wash your hair as often as you’d like. I would also recommend you get anything you would want/need to have if you were having the worst period of your life.
  5. A Car Seat— They won’t let you out of the hospital with your new pride and joy without one. The folks over at Car Seat Blog have put together a really thorough review of some of the best car seats available. Install the car seat before the big day if you can. Most fire stations will install or check them for free so it’s not a bad idea if this is your first time.

Here’s What You Can Skip

One thing I experienced, and I hear a lot from other Moms, is that it’s easy to go overboard on buying clothes. So many brand new, cute outfits that still had tags or were worn once before they were outgrown. That’s a great thing for you thrifty mamas who hit up garage sales every weekend. Swap shops, sale groups and thrift stores are flooded with baby equipment, as many of the things they need are outgrown quickly and gently used. Another thing you do not need are infant shoes. Your mini-you is not gonna take off on you right away. Babies are pretty helpless and don’t need shoes until they’re ready to walk. Keep feet warm with socks, if you can keep them on their feet. The last thing I’m going to leave you with is baby towels and wash cloths. Yes, that beautiful, precious, fragile little angel can have the water dried off of their nether regions with the same towels you currently already own. I don’t even know who invented these things, yeah they’re cute, but completely unnecessary.

Hey Moms Let’s Hear from You!

Leave a comment and tell me what your Top Must-Have Items for New Mamas are, and if you really ever needed those baby shoes.


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